Satisfied Customers Mick and Bianca
"I've used Liz Rench's rabbit-sitting service on numerous occasions. Her thorough knowledge and long history of caring for rabbits is a comfort for times when I need to be away from them for extended periods. I'm always confident that Mickey and Bianca are in the most capable of hands when they are with her. She truly cares for rabbits and it shows."

- William Riley and rabbits Mick and Bianca

Satisfied Customer Balthazar
"First of all I want to thank you for taking such good care of Balthazar. It took him a day to completely adjust to his home again. He is happy and healthy and full of energy again....and licking a lot. But, he says he has two homes now and will be happy to go visit you any time."

- Milena Appleby and rabbit Balthazar

Satisfied Customers Buddy, Missy, Duncan and Pearl
"You did such a great job with them -- I could really tell how happy and content they were when I got home after you had been caring for them."

- Jackie Kotz and rabbits Buddy, Missy, Duncan and Pearl

Satisfied Customer Eloise
"A thousand thank yous. It was so good to know Elly was being cared for by someone who really cares."

- The Dumanians and rabbit Eloise

Satisfied Customer Hugo
"Hugo loves the place and looks very missing Liz after we bring him home. We will definitely let Hugo stay with Liz next time! And thank you Liz by telling us some tips about taking care of Hugo."

- John and Grace Wang and rabbit Hugo

Satisfied Customer Becker
"Thank you so much for taking care of Becker. I didn't worry about him at all while I was away cuz I knew he was being well taken care of (and happily chewing on all the great cardboard inside his bunny suite)."

- Lauren Stephens and rabbit Becker

Satisfied Customer McGreevy
"I'm glad you were the one looking after him though because you are a very experienced bunny person. Thank you so much for watching him. He's my spoiled little baby so he has to have nothing but the best!"

- Kerri Fiarito and rabbit McGreevy

Satisfied Customer Collette
"Liz is my bunny's foster mom... She took her in when she needed the most help, took care of her, pampered her, and just gave her what she wanted: a little love! Since then, we always ask Liz to take care of our bunny when we travel - there is no one else in Chicago that we trust more with our bunny than Liz... Liz will provide the love, attention, and care that your bunny needs =)"

- Melissa Arvide and rabbit Collette

Satisfied Customer Angela
"We are so grateful to have someone like Liz to care for Angela. Liz is knowledgeable about rabbit care and she has an incredible way with rabbits so that they bond with her quickly. I cannot believe how relaxed Angela is when we pick her up. Angela is very sensitive and has not reacted well to other sitters whose care we have left her in. However, Angela just loves Liz and so do we!"

- Diane and Robert Stehman and rabbit Angela

Satisfied Customers Cinnabun and Bellamy
"Thanks again for taking such good care of them over Easter weekend. I can tell they were happy staying with you because when I brought them home they adjusted right away. I'm so glad I know I have somebody I can trust to leave them with, and somebody who is so caring with bunnies."

- Theresa Bicanic and rabbits Cinnabun and Bellamy

Satisfied Customers Toshi and Mirah
"I was initially apprehensive about leaving my rabbits in someone else's care for an extended period of time but my fears were put to rest when I found Liz. It was obvious that she was knowledgeable about and deeply cared for her rabbits and I trusted that she would care for mine just the same. When I returned to pick Toshi and Mirah up, it almost seemed as if they were reluctant to leave because they were having such a good time at Liz's house."

- Mia Santiago and rabbits Toshi and Mirah

Satisfied Customer Charisma
"Thanks so much for taking such great care of her! I know that, had she been with someone else who didn't know as much about buns and how to care for them when their health's in danger, she might be very, very sick or even gone by now. I'm so grateful for your caring and expertise! :) Thanks again!"

- Carrie DeVries and rabbit Charisma